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Our Firm Represents

Our Clients

Include individual family members, heirs and beneficiaries of a decedent, private and professional fiduciaries, and other constituents interested in the estate of a decedent. We represent both Petitioners and Respondents in probate litigation matters, as well as banks, trust companies and other professionals appearing in a representative capacity. In addition to providing skilled advocacy in these areas, our attorneys are also experienced appellate practitioners.

“Estate Planning” vs. “Probate Litigation”

Estate Planning
Involves drafting documents like wills trusts & rendering legal services re: administration of trusts and estates. Often limited to “transactional” law and may require co-counsel of an experienced litigator when faced with disputes or contested matters.

Van Dyke & Associates, LLP
Disputes involving a will or trust are better suited for a skilled litigation firm. Decades of trial and appeals experience gives us an advantage in matters of contested probate, trust, and elder abuse matters in court trial departments.

Technologically Enhanced

Our firm is focused on leveraging technology to provide our clients the sophistication and experience of a large firm coupled with the efficiency and customer service of a small firm. Through the use of cutting edge case management and trial presentation technology we are able to process even the most document intensive matters and present them to the judge or jury in a thought provoking impactful presentation for our clients.

California’s Probate Litigation Firm

Our practice is a boutique law firm providing sophisticated legal services to clients nationwide facing complex trust, estate and related tax matters as well as appeals in the State & Federal Courts of Southern California.

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